When you make decisions, actions or choices in the past, present or the future, whether written or verbal, the reader may interpret them differently from the writer’s intention.

I know this to be the case due to the voluminous tweets that I previously sent on my now deleted Twitter account.

I love you
These are not just words
But actions
And choices
The sum of our formula
Equals our true bond.

This poem for Anna is for National/Global poetry writing month and this sums it all up for me. Get it, sums it all up? This poem structure for Day 7 of NaPoWriMo is a shadorma. According to NaPoWriMo, “the shadorma is a six-line, 26-syllable poem (or a stanza — you can write a poem that is made of multiple shadorma stanzas). The syllable count by line is 3/5/3/3/7/5.”

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Originally published at https://thebbqpoet.com on April 7, 2021.

Through the woods was a fork in in path
One to the left and one to the right
One filled with love the other with wrath
One angel, one a psychopath
One with darkness and one with the light.

To the left was solely misery
Turn left, turn right was my…

I felt defeated,
Stuck in the cold room with skeletons
hidden in the closet.
I was washed out,
Blindly following the script forced upon me,
An actor in a poor spectacle where
everything was about keeping up appearances.

All I could see was an exit sign at the end
Shining brightly…

We stood outside staring
at the facade of the broken down
dilapidated building.

Although the facade said
“Closed for Renovations”
it is you, my love,
that gave me a new lease on life.

We looked at the old, rickety building,
but we knew it had good bones.

We walked in…

To love someone unconditionally
is the most spectacular feeling,
to know that there are no hidden agendas,
that you give yourself wholly
to the person that calls you theirs.
For that love is something
that can only happen once
to someone in a lifetime
and for me it wasn't until you
came into my…

I have never seen you before
nor have I ever felt your touch.
I cannot meet you at the store
to help buy you a new hair brush.
Yet we do talk all of the time
even though I’ve not heard your voice,
never to share a glass of wine
as right now we don’t have that…

It has been three weeks
since your delicate words
filled my mind.

Words of laughter
Words of dreams
Words of hope.

It has been three months
since your delicate words
filled my heart.

Words of pains
Words of screams
Words of fears.

It has been three years
since your delicate words


I am a pitmaster, poet and storyteller.

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